Like to know the weight your forklifts are picking up?

Want to save money on overload tickets?

Keep your Forklift drivers from overloading shelving?

Help Drivers operate safer?

Forklift Hydraulics are designed for heavy lifting but have poor accuracy. When combined with a quality Pressure Transducer and a low cost Legal for Trade scale Indicator, you can get your weights on your forklift with minimal cost, and save time vs driving to a platform scale.

Pay 1/8 or less of the Price of  Legal for Trade forklift scale!

Outfit your fleet of Forklifts for same cost as one Legal for trade Scale

Tradeoffs for a low cost RALPH Scale? 

Minus: Not a heavy duty Industrial case. (Avoid physically abusing scale.)

Minus: Not Weather tight for outdoor use. (Avoid use outside in the rain.)

Plus:  Easy to install on forklift. (Mount Pressure transducer, wire it to the scale.)

Plus:  Simple to use. (Lift to weighing height - Read display or press HOLD.)

Buy from Pacific Scale Co., Inc. 800 537-1886